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1. Written by Patricia Pickard on November 4, 2011

I talk to one of your Rep's,that is not getting me anywhere. I keep reading how much of a scram you all are, and I have had nothing but trouble with this program. I just want my money back. If not I am going to report you to my bank, and let them fright this one. I paid 19.95 for a program to watch TV, and no matter what I download it will not work. I am sick of downloading things on my computer, and getting all these pop ups. I want my money back. The Rep I talk to said I have to give you my email address and my telephone number for a refund. I could not understand a thing she said, and what a wise (A) got no were with this one. Can't hardly speck American. Here it is. , and my phone which I don't want to give out, but will at this point, so I can get a lot of dumb calls everyday from giving out this number. . It would be best for you to ask me for the number though email, so I will know it is you calling. I don't answer my phone unless I notices the phone number, which may make it hard to reach me by phone. You took my card to purchase this *** program, so I don't really see the problem with you giving my money back, to the account for which you took it from. I want my money back. I am taking your program out of my system now. Please I will be waiting to hear from one of you by email on rather you are refunding my money, or giving me a number to call, and someone who specks English please. If I don't hear from you than I will contract my back, which I have myself protected for scrams like this over the Internet.

Thanks for your fast action on this matter, money is not easy to come by these days, and scram are not in my budget.

Mrs. Patricia Pickard.

Monetary Loss: $19.

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